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Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley

15 essential tools every lean startup can’t live without - We Love Lean | Lean UX, Lean Startup

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Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups est un outil pour le maquettage rapide de type croquis. En utilisant mockup on a l’impression de dessiner, mais parce que c’est numérique, vous pouvez modifier et réorganiser facilement vos maquettes. Les équipes peuvent arriver à une conception et intéragir en temps réel au cours d’une réunion. Chefs de produits, designers, développeurs, et même les clients peuvent maintenant travailler ensemble dans le même outil pour itérer rapidement sur des wireframes, avant d’écrire du code.


Quora Entries Every Startup CEO Should Read

Earlier this month, Quora—known for its continually improving collection of questions and answers—introduced Quora Browse in an effort to help users cut through the clutter.  This week, we decided to do a little grouping of our own. After a lot of reading, and some sifting, we picked some of the most important questions and answers we think every startup CEO should read.



Preparing for Shifts

Getting Exposure


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startuptools / FrontPage

Start-up Tools

Please request access to edit if you have not made a contribution already. Legitimate tool contributions are welcome, no spam please. We have had a large influx of folks requesting write access, you do not need to request access to view any of the content. Please note that this is not an “announce my new startup page” and that any tools listed should be in production use. Note the original guide below “if no start-up can vouch for the tool it doesn’t make it onto the list.” We reserve the right to delete any items contributed that are spam, landing pages, or otherwise do not appear to have startups as satisfied users.”




Bugs & Issue Tracking

  • Methodology
  • Open Source
  • Commercial
  • Rails Specific
  • Performance

    • Server Monitoring
  • Tools
  • Forms




    Image manipulation



    Presentation tools

    Login System

    Social functionality



    Affiliate & Referral Programs


    Servers / VPS / Hosting

    Hiring / Recruitment

    Accounting, Taxes & Payroll

    Invoicing & Payments

    Credit Card Processing

    Subscription Payments / Management / Billing

    Managing APIs

    Web frameworks


    Sharing & storing files

    Image Galleries

    Performance & Team Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Feedback and FAQ


    Test- and Behavior-Driven Development

    Collaboration Platform

    Contractor Management

    Code Hosting and Version Control

    Social Media Tracking/Marketing

    Browser Compatibility tools

    Screenshot/screencast tools 


    Cloud Infrastructure 

    Loading Animations

    Private beta invitations & management:

    Scanning / Document Management

    Ad Serving Technology

    • Open X (Open source Ad server)

    Project Management tools

     Time Management Software

     Customer Support Tools



    Sourcing Professional Services (e.g. Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants)

    Webcast / Screen sharing

    Realtime push

    The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing - Smashing Magazine

    How do you start a tech startup as a non-technical person? - Quora


    Startup Tools « Steve Blank

    Research, Web prototyping, Testing and Building Tools

    Lists of Tools from Others


    SEO and Analytics Tutorials

    Analytics Tools

    Search Engine Optimization Tools

    • AdGrok – Google adwords optimization tool
    • SEO DiggerFind the top ten keywords ranking to your websites
    • SEMRush – SEO and campaign management tool
    • Clickable – Pay per click management
    • Spyfu – tells you how much adwords cost
    • Market Samurai – SEO Keyword Analysis Tool

    Online Marketing Suites

    • HubSpot - online marketing and web analytics system
    • Performable – personable web analytics/lifecycle marketing
    • Custora – customer retention, churn reduction, lifetime value
    • Zoho – free/cheap web customer relationship mgmt software
    • Highrise – small business CRM
    • Zferral – affiliate and referral marketing on the web
    • Genoo – marketing automation software
    • MarketBright – marketing automation suite

    Email Blasting



    On-line Communities

    • Stack Overflow - questions and answers for programmers
    • Quora – questions and answers for non-programmers
    • Yahoo Answers - post questions, sometimes get answers
    • Disqus – Comments Platform
    • WordPress- king of blogging platforms…doubles as startup website
    • Tumblr – another blogging platform
    • Posterous – yet another blogging platform

    Wireframing Tools

    • jMockups - convert existing website into a mockup then redesign and share without editing any HTML/CSS
    • Balsamiq– rapid wireframing tool. Create software mockups in minutes
    • Mockflow – online/offline, extensible wireframing tool w/design library
    • OmniGraffle – it’s been around before the web even existed
    • JustinMind– define web and mobile apps with interactive prototypes
    • Wirify – turn any webpage into a wireframe
    • LucidChartCloud-based drawing tool
    • Axure – Wireframing, prototypes: buil-in widgets and shapes
    • HotGloo – Online Wireframing Tool
    • Mocksup – Share your web site mockups
    • Mockingbird - Mock it up and share web site wireframes
    • Protoshare – website wireframing
    • Free Wireframe templates for iPhone, iPad and Web
    • Wireframing Tutorial

    Landing Page Tools

    • Unbouncecreate, publish & test promotion specific landing pages
    • Fivesecondtest– Landing page optimization

    Website Tools

    Mobile Testing/Build Tools

    • TestFlight – IOS beta testing on the fly.
    • Corona – mobile development platform
    • Twilio – add mobile and sms to your app
    • PerfectoMobile – mobile app testing
    • MobiReady - testing tool evaluates website mobile-readiness
    • GoMez – test your website for “mobile ready”
    • Rigor - test/monitor performance of mobile apps/websites
    • W3C Mobile OK – test your website for mobile
    • Google Page Speed – test your mobile speed

    Billing/Subscription Management

    • ChargifyRecurring billing without the headaches
    • Recurly – Subscription billing
    • Aria – online billing platform
    • Braintree – online credit card merchant processing
    • Vindicia – on demand billing and fraud management
    • Volusion – shopping cart software
    • CheddarGetter – online recurring billing
    • Cloudware City- online app store for subscription services
    • Spreedlysell subscriptions on your site. signup, upgrade, trial pricing
    • Zuora – online subscription management
    • FeeFighters – find the cheapest credit card processors

    Customer Support

    • Tender – support, knowledgebase tool for your site
    • GetSatisfaction - conversations between companies / customers.
    • SnapEngage – live chat integrates with your apps
    • Zendesk – web help software
    • UserVoiceturn customer feedback into action
    • Kampyle – turn customer feedback into sales and relationships
    • Ideaffect – customer feedback, vote, comment, manage
    • Olark – live customer chat

    Website Usability Testing

    Website A/BTesting

    Cloud Services and Tools

    Web Development Tools

    • Rubyon Rails– open source framework for Ruby
    • CakePHP – a PHP open source framework
    • Drupal – open source content management platform
    • Heroku – Ruby cloud platform.Rails deployment made easy
    • Django – high-level Python framework
    • Cappuccino – open source framework for app development
    • Kodingencloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform.
    • JSFiddlepreselect/add JavaScript frameworks and test your code
    • TeamCitycontinuous integration and unit testing, code quality analysis, pre-tested commits, reporting on build problems
    • Sauce Labscross-browser testing in the cloud
    • Rdbhost.comSQL database hosting from browser.Python/Javascript APIs
    • yUMLsketch uml diagrams.
    • WebSequenceDiagrams -sketch sequence diagrams. automatic links to generated images
    • Rietveld - asynchronous code reviews on changesets
    • Tech*if*er0*urs – blog on roadmap for learning rails

    Hardware Resources/Tools

    Project Management

    • Basecamp- web-based project management and collaboration tool.
    • Github - Free public repositories, collaborator management, issue tracking, wikis, downloads, code review, graphs
    • Pivotal TrackerAgile project management tool that enables real time collaboration.
    • Mercurial – free, distributed source code control management system
    • Bitbucket - free code hosting site for Mercurial
    • Preceden – simple way to make timelines for presentations
    • Milestone Planner - planner for deadline or outcome driven environments.
    • AgileZenproject management visually see and interact with your work
    • KanbanerySimple online team or personal kanban board
    • LeanKit KanbanGreat for visualizing work of product development
    • Kanban Pad“Nice and lean” and free online Kanban tool
    • Banana ScrumA tool simple as Scrum itself.
    • Kanban ToolAnother Kanban tool
    • Acunote – Agile project management
    • Agilezen – Lean project management
    • Rally – agile product management
    • VersionOne – agile product management and Scrum tool
    • ScrumPadAgile project management tool collaborative product life-cycle
    • RallyDevAutomates Agile / Scrum development
    • 5pmOnline project management tool
    • GoPlan – collaborative project management
    • Unfuddle -hosted project management solution for software teams.
    • LighthouseIssue Tracking Tool.
    • Bontqhosted bug tracking and project management needs.
    • - Collaborative Task Manager
    • Mavenlink - manage project communications, documents, schedules, budgets, payments
    • Industrial Logic – Agile eLearning

    Misc Office Help

    Freelance Help

    Manufacturing Resources

    Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents

    List of Angel/SuperAngel Investors for entrepreneurs

    Useful blogs and links for startups

    Best of Y-Combinator Startup Advice

    Raising Venture Capital

    Founder Equity Issues

    Incubator List/ Local Startup Resources/ Startup Q&A

    Executive / Advisory Board Compensation


    Must Read Blogs

    More to read
    Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson – Ask the VC
    Dharmesh Shah  – On startups
    Josh Kopelman  – Redeye VC
    David Hornik – VentureBlog

    Should be posting more often
    Bill Burnham – Burnham’s Beat
    David Cowan – Who Has Time For This?
    Steve Barsh – Barsh Bits

    Entrepreneurship Reading List


    Some of the material I have created or use in my classes does not lend itself to blogs. It’s more reference material. Thus, these pages.  I’ll add more as time goes on.

    Course syllabi

    If you’ve gotten this far, here is a visual representation of tenacity and persistence